❤️🐶 Hi.. I know it’s been awhile since we last posted. We stopped blogging in 2017, because Emma passed away and we didn’t have the heart to continue at the time. Our plan now is to continue the blog in memory of Emma❤️. We’ll post pictures and write about the escapades of all of the Dogs of Luv & Emma’s Dry Pets!

Emma passed away last year before the holidays. She was 16 years and 4 months old. We were so lucky to have her with us as long as we did, but it doesn’t make her passing any easier. I’ve posted in the past about her strong personality, but she was also very sweet. I remember the time when Luv was having a seizure and Emma sat right up against her, like she was watching Luv’s back until the seizure passed. Emma loved her walks and abusing her water bottle toys…we still don’t know how she was able to get the water bottle out of the toy. There will never be another one like her. We love you, Emma and we will never forget you. 🐶❤️

Emma After Her Bath

So..Emma is going to be 15 years old tomorrow!  Time has gone by so fast.  I’ll post birthday pictures later this week.

In honor of her birthday, Emma had to take a bath.  We wanted her to be all clean for her birthday pictures and yes, we are having a birthday party for her too. 🙂

Baths are one of her LEAST favorite things to do.  Every time she has a bath, as soon as you put her on the ground, she will run and find the nearest rug to wipe her face on.  She looks like she is trying to wipe the clean off from her!

I don’t know if it’s a Yorkie thing or just an Emma thing, but she is so expressive.  You can tell that she is sooooo irritated after you give her a bath.  She has a look in her eye that says, you better sleep with one eye open tonight!

The video shows you how she reacted after her bath this evening.

Happy Almost Birthday, Emma!!  We love you!

Emma as a Puppy!

Emma as a puppy! :)

Emma as a puppy! image

Happy #ThrowBackThursday !!  I was looking at pictures on my phone and found these 3 pictures of Emma as puppy 😘🐶 Her personality hasn’t changed!  She’s still as sweet and sassy as ever 🙂

She was sooooo tiny when we brought her home.  My parents have a corner cabinet in their living room that has a small space between the cabinet and the wall.  It never occurred to anyone to block the space, because we thought what could fit behind there…..Well, we found out the hard way that Emma could fit behind there!  So it was an evening of blocking all small spaces, because if there was a space, Emma thought it needed to be investigated!🔎🐶

The running joke about Emma as a puppy was that she never got tired…really…never…like ever 😳 She would play and play and play until we were exhausted, but she was not even be winded.  Then, one day it happened…she was playing and…and…then she stopped playing. She sat down and couldn’t keep her eyes open.😴🐶  She finally took a nap! It might not have been a long nap, but it was a nap.

In the 3rd picture, Emma found a small paper cup in the bathroom garbage can.  The cup covered her entire nose 🙂 She was playing the “catch me if you can” game in the picture. That’s a game she usually wins!

Happy Friday Eve 🙂

Join Emma on Her Walk

Join Emma on her walk last weekend at a recreational area in our town.  She loves her walks!  You can see in the video how happy she is being outside exploring and sniffing the air.  She still refuses to apologize for her outburst at the biker!  🙂

Emma has only been on this trail a few times.  Most of her walks are through subdivisions by where we live.  This recreational area has a trail where you can walk your dogs.  They even provide a water station for them.

We read online that it is good to change up where you walk your dog in order to keep their mind challenged.  Emma is 14 years old..she’ll be 15 in August.  Since she is getting older, we are making more of a conscious effort to walk her in different areas, in order to help keep her mind sharp.  Emma does not think she needs any help keeping her mind sharp, but she does like all the different places she gets to walk. 🙂



Happy Birthday, Luv!!

Happy Birthday, Luv!! 🙂 It was Luv’s 9th birthday on Saturday!  She spent the day with her family, which always makes for a fun day.

She loves being outside, so we took her for a long walk. Luv looked very happy just looking at the scenery and sniffing the air. Emma tried really hard to keep up with her, but her little legs couldn’t keep up with Luv’s long strides.

There was a little drama when Emma accidentally stepped on a frog 😳 The frog leaped away..seemingly out of no where which caused Emma and her human family to jump a couple feet in the air!  Emma’s side of the story is that the frog was afraid of how tough she was and that’s why it jumped away.

And yes, we did have a birthday party for Luv.  Some people might think it’s silly, but our dogs are part of our family, plus it’s another reason to get together and have a party and who doesn’t like that!  🙂

Luv got everything she wanted for her birthday..some stuffed toys and Milk Bones.  Most importantly, she spent time with her family and friends which is the best present of all!

Emma & Grandpa :)

Emma had a great Father’s Day!  The weather was a little hot, but she loved laying in the cool grass. She knows just how to find the coolest spots in the yard.  I’ve noticed recently how she will lay in one place and a minute later shift slightly in the grass until she finds another cool spot to lay in.

The highlight of Emma’s day was  hanging out with Grandpa!  In the 1st picture, she is staring lovingly at him in his gazebo. We joke that Emma and Grandpa are the odd couple. She’s so little and cute and Grandpa is a big, tough guy. He won’t admit it, but he loves her!  He plays with her and even bought  a “One Spoiled Yorkie Lives Here” sign for his gazebo. 🙂

Happy 1st Day of Summer!!

Does your dog have expressive eyes?

Emma definitely does have expressive eyes!  You can tell if she’s having fun, if she’s irritated or just bored. In this picture she looks annoyed 😳  She seems to get irritated when we take her picture. We try to tell her that she’s so cute and we just want to take one more picture, but that doesn’t seem to make it ok 😁

Her expressiveness is one of things we love about her.  Just like you can see when she’s irritated, you can also see when she’s having fun or in a sweet mood. I love to see the happiness in her eyes when she is on a long walk or hanging out with the family. 🙂

Here’s Emma!!

Here’s Emma!!  She’s our sweet and sassy one 🙂

Emma loves taking long walks and sniffing the air!  Her favorite person is her Grandpa.  Her world revolves around him 🙂

Emma is also very opinionated. She knows what she wants, when she wants it AND will let you know when she is not happy 😳 We love her and her attitude 🙂

When Emma’s warm, she always finds some shade to relax in. It’s funny, when she finds a cool spot in the shade, she’ll lay there for a couple minutes, then when the spot gets warm, she’ll move over to a new spot and sit there until it’s warm. This goes on for a few minutes until she’s ready to continue on her walk!

Introducing, Luv!!

Introducing, Luv!!  She’s a beauty and she doesn’t even know it 🙂 Luv came into our family when she was about 2 years old. She’s so sweet and just wants to be pet…then she’ll resume her position as guard dog..keeping an eye on where everyone is going.  She also LOVES being outside. I think she would live outside if we let her!

She’s been so good with her human sisters too. I’ve noticed her checking on them if they are taking a nap on the couch.  She’s definitely our protector and let’s us know if anyone is within eye-sight of the house 😉

I’m not sure if others have had the same thing happen with their collie, but Luv never liked it when we played hide and seek with the girls. As soon as we would start to count, she would bark non-stop until we stopped playing.  Maybe it’s the herding dog in her, but she does not like it when people go in all different directions!